Race to the Top

Small and High-Quality Wins

Our text is selectable and searchable, so several bookshelves of material fits on a single device. Even so, the images are viewable at higher quality than the originals, with support for zooming, as well as videos, and even games-quality OpenGL 3D.

Go Custom.

If it can be prototyped, we can build it, with decades of combined experience in feature entertainment, motion graphics, games and publishing. Work with us to test the limits of 3D UIs, models, animation and infographics.


Let Them Search.

We make your source material even smarter, with XML markup for custom tags and instant search of a collection of any size. This is not just dumb text strings (or worse: pre-rendered text), and it even lets you use analytics and statistics to learn from your audience.


Any Publishable Source

Perhaps you possess a huge back catalog of high-value journals or books awaiting new life as an easily accessible app. Or maybe you have a new digital publication or educational project in mind and want to work with us to go beyond the limits of one-size-fits-all platforms.

Newsstand, In-App Purchase, Subscriptions, Collections

We allow In-App Purchase, Archive and Restore, or a custom code to unlock pre-purchased content via an email account. Your journal can appear on Newsstand, where it can be seen, downloaded, purchased, or subscribed to, all without an extra premium.


We developed a custom publishing platform for iPad so that our passion for design and graphics wouldn't be constrained by the lowest common denominator. Forget glorified slide-shows of static pages; your publication deserves more of all that the iPad can deliver.

The idea that you can own all of this information in one place—I will be first in line.

­­—Adam Savage, Mythbusters