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You have issues that collectors prize, not only for their information but their beauty.
We know how to design an experience that your audience wants.

How can New Scribbler help you?

If your publication includes a back catalog of past issues that are rare, collectable and visual, we are the company that has successfully transformed such a collection into a living, breathing modern app that reflects the style of the original while adding features unique to a tablet device. We also did all of the fundraising for the Cinefex Classic collection ourselves, and so we can advise on how to crowdfund to your target audience, should that be an important part of your strategy. In your campaign, you can even tell backers that you are working with the company that successfully delivered such a project, 100% on time and exceeding fan expectations.

If your needs are more unique and custom, we are a design and technology driven company made up of smart problem solvers. We have backgrounds and interests in games, interactivity, user-based training, publishing, print, A-list Hollywood movies, and live events.

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    What if icons of an era could be restored?

    What if artifacts of a golden age could live on?

    What if print content could become searchable and interactive?

    What if the old could be made better than new?

    What if attention to detail could give images new life?

    What if nostalgia for print could take digital form?